Ora2 by Sunstar is the No.1* whitening toothpaste in Japan, emerging as one of today’s strongest toothpaste brands worldwide.

Mitsubishi RtM

Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International (Resource to Market International) is the global headquarters of the mineral resources and metals trading business of Mitsubishi Corporation.

Uniqlo eNewsletter

Uniqlo is a clothing brand from Japan, providing quality and affordable clothes world-wide.


Wakudoki – Toyota’s first digitally driven campaign was introduced as part of Toyota’s regional initiative to capture the interest of youths. The campaign consisted of a series of videos and a dance contest, with its first video surpassing 1.5 million views within six weeks.


TOTO is Japan’s leading producer of sanitary ware and is a name that has been synonymous with the advancement of bathroom culture.


Gatsby is Japan’s most popular personal care and hair grooming products, with a strong presence all around Asia.


Yakult is one of the world’s most recognised health beverage brands. It always presents its message of health in an easy, eandearing way.

Hitachi – Tomorrow Together

As part of the ongoing regional campaign of Hitachi Tomorrow Together, TYA was approached to redesign the existing microsite and create multiple language online media banners.


Autodesk Japan wanted to redesign their e-commerce web site and asked TYA to help in front-end design.


Secondhome is a realty property website catered for Japanese clients in Japan. The portal’s main goal is to provide buyer’s comprehensive information of properties in Malaysia, or for the second home (home away from home) they have always wanted.