Panasonic Developer Solutions

Panasonic Developer Solutions is one of our most immersive projects for 2017, involving careful, precise and exciting coordination work between both our print and web teams.


The T series is Sony Cyber-shot’s range of stylish and trendy digital compact cameras.


Toshiba is one of the leading PC brands in Vietnam, with fresh and innovative products always being introduced in its roster.


Honda is one of the leading scooter/motorcycle brands in Vietnam. To meet the demands of the riding customers, it constantly introduces exciting models to its line-up.

MK Menu

MK Restaurants is one of the largest and most successful restaurant chains in Thailand, with over 300 outlets.

Borneo Motors

The Task
To enhance the image of Borneo Motors’ After-Sales division among Toyota and Lexus car owners.


SRIXON is a leading Japanese golf brand. It manufactures a cutting-edge product line that includes golf clubs and golf balls under the brand names SRIXON and XXIO. Despite its fame in Japan, awareness for the brand in Southeast Asia is low.

Kris Shop

KrisShop is the inflight shopping catalogue of Singapore Airlines, operated by DFASS (Singapore).


Sony VAIO laptops have been well received by PC users. With the advent of tablets and hand-held devices, Sony was inspired to compete by incorporating their audio, video, gaming and computing innovations in the Sony VAIO range of tablets.

Sunstar Tonic

Sunstar Tonic is an established Men’s Shampoo brand in Japan. It entered the Singapore market more than 2 years ago but is still relatively unknown here.